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A priceless trip to Walmart.

Posted on: September 6th, 2013 by ktaylor

The following is a praise report;
The other day while waiting in the Walmart checkout line with my wife I overheard the cashier talking with the lady checking out in front of us,just small talk you know the weather,did she find everything she was looking for,pretty much standard retail checkout conversation,that is until the cashier finished the order and while handing the lady her receipt the cashier said,”thank you and have a blessed day”. The customer immediately returned a general ok. The cashier proceeded to begin to ring up our order,she once again began with a genuine sincere welcome including concern that we had found everything we were looking for, after informing her we did in fact find everything we were looking for,I then ask her had I overheard her tell the previous customer to have “a blessed day” she never flinched when replying yes sir I did,and she also let me know that she does the same with all her customers also making known her christianity. I proceeded to tell her I too am a Christian and that it was a blessing to hear such faithfulness to our Savior not only in such a large retail store but in the general public. As she finished our transaction we both exchanged where we attended church and how blessed we were to share the message of Christ. We simultaneously exchanged “have a blessed day” and a smile.As we walked away I looked back to see the cashier start to yet another order and couldn’t help but think,that’s truly taking every opportunity to share the salvation Jesus provides. My wife and I did choose Walmart that day in order to save some money on our purchases,but that cashier made this particular shopping trip priceless.
In Christ

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