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Root them out!

Posted on: November 2nd, 2013 by ktaylor

Our society today has many readily available outcast, they include the homeless, mentally ill, aids patients and the list goes on. Just last week here in Spartanburg,SC we saw a Christian run organization at odds’s with a group of atheist, not over salvation, scripture or belief but over volunteering to help feed the homeless. I realize that at this very moment while reading this article some are thinking, atheist shouldn’t be allowed to help especially in a Christian place, but I pose this question; what better place for them to help, what other ones better for this certain group, or any group for that matter to be side by side with while lending an helping hand than with disciples of Christ while in His sanctuary. You see with some simple guidelines these people could have been exposed to the loving message of Jesus Christ, they could have been exposed to the true grace of God through a loving discipleship, all with the possibility of anyone of them being saved. Keep in mind that while these people are physically well and willing to help they are spiritually ill, and at the moment do not know the cure. What if this group would have been allowed to help, help but not give out any material or discuss any beliefs, what if that door to Christ had been opened for just one; The Bible says ” All of Heaven rejoices over one”. Should we view them as outcast keeping our distance? Absolutely not, as written Christ went into the home of Levi for a feast with sinners and tax collectors (who by the way were despised by all due to their occupation) to spread His message were it was needed the most, shouldn’t we do the same, Jesus said “go and make disciples of all nations”. We must remember the message of Jesus Christ has been and will continue to be spread with a loving heart while guided by the Holy Spirit full of grace while showing mercy. So “root them out” absolutely, but not the people, just the prejudices and roadblocks that clutter the Christian pathway.
In Christ

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