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In Reference too;A political world.

Posted on: January 15th, 2019 by ktaylor

Before we get started, allow me to state that this ministry does not up up-hold nor condone homosexuality just as we as do not condone any other sin or anything that goes against God’s word & teachings.Now,let’s keep in mind, it’s more about the opportunity to teach God’s word while preaching His message, especially to those who may be lost & still alive ,than it is about conducting a funeral.

The following thoughts are in reference to an article forwarded to our ministry today,while asking for a response.A response to a politically correct world & the need people have to be socially accepted. Please keep in mind we are a Christian ministry seeking to grow the Heavenly Kingdom while serving Jesus Christ with a Biblical foundation. The article we received was in reference to a recently deceased gay woman’s family being told no after they had requested to have her funeral in a local Church.While not knowing all circumstances around the churches decision to say no to allowing the funeral but still feeling lead to write a response I thought it best to do what always works before doing anything,pray. While writing this I couldn’t help but think of how typical this very issue is of today. We live in a politically correct world,were if you’re not in the agreement that if everyone is happy all is well then you’re the one shoveling dirt in the wrong hole. We’ll.with that said our response will not be politically motivated nor will it be politically correct(never is) but what it will be is in line with Christian values while not denying obedience to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As always any comments,thoughts or concerns can be forwarded here on our website or via email.

So after much prayer our thoughts are as follows;

If the Church were going to allow such a funeral to take place there would have to be some parameters in place.Things like ,the family would have to agree that the funeral would be conducted by a Christian preacher(remember,there is no possible way to be homosexual and Christian,the two do not go together “Leviticus 18:22”) with the same Christian Preacher to handle the preparing of all content and the speaking(all through the teachings of Christ). Next,it would have to be clear with all in agreement that any kind of non-Christian materials,be it literature,pictures or video would not be allowed neither at the church nor the place of burial,this would also include any material about the deceased’s life,this would  include anything which does not encourage Christian values. There would have to be total understanding of the respect to be shown while in God’s house, including words and or actions.If  all these things were discussed understood and accepted I believe the next thing I would have to ask myself as a disciple of Christ shouldn’t I seek to not miss any opportunity,especially a Divine appointed one,we never can tell when that is(so embrace every chance).I believe we have to ask ourselves,what if that one homosexual or adulterer(or any lost sinner for that matter) while attending this funeral (being conducted by a Christian preacher) was placed under tremendous conviction and what if that same person while hearing God’s word began feeling this pull on their heart and felt the Holy Spirit touch them then this same lost person ask for forgiveness to be washed “by the Atoning Blood of Christ” then being turned from the sinful life they had known. The Bible tells us “All of Heaven rejoices over one”, Then on the flip side what if that opportunity wasn’t taken,what if that same one person was missed? Wow,makes ya think. For myself I will not miss a chance to tell someone about Jesus.

I have to note that even though the funeral were to be preached by a Christian Pastor no amount of preaching could preach this person(homosexual) or any other sinner that is lost at their time of death into Heaven,we all know it doesn’t work that way. With that in mind let’s remember a funeral is for many things,a time to reflect,a time to grieve,a time to say good-bye,a time to hear of God’s saving Grace while telling those in attendance of  Christian obedience but couldn’t the same funeral be used as a setting in order to tell those in attendance what’s needed to push away the sins of this world,while living. With that said,why wouldn’t we take every opportunity God gives to reach the ones that still have a chance, to ask for forgiveness,to make the right decision so that they too may know the eternal Salvation that only comes through Jesus Christ.I keep in my mind going back to Christ’ Great Commission and how as Christians we shouldn’t be so concerned with picking & choosing of who we share the message with that we forget the reason for the message or most of all the example of He who brought the message.Here it is; sin is sin,from lieing to stealing from adultery to homosexuality it all does the same thing separates us from God. Knowing that we can not with a clear heart run from the issues be them politically correct and or socially accepted. We as disciples of Christ must speak up when and where ever God provides the opportunity without fear,for myself I will not run from issues but walk to them in the light of Christ.Remember,God provides the doors to walk through,the message to share once inside and the strength & love to move it forward,never shut that door. Tell someone today about Jesus. So how do we respond to the article,the same way we reference a political world with the only text that is 100% infallible, The Holy Bible.Follow His teachings.

In Christ






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