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Dividing Lines; Do we allow Doctrine to limit Discipleship?

Posted on: September 9th, 2019 by ktaylor

With all the conversation today around the refusal of political powers to cross so-called party lines and work together for a common goal,it brings up another question that should be far more important. Are we as Christians willing to cross “denomination lines”, is doctrine limiting discipleship? This problem continues to be the dirty little congregational secret that we all refuse to admit or talk about.It’s in plain view, Christians not working together, closing doors that Christ has opened by allowing ourselves to serve separate rather than together, why? The reasons are many,one being simply because of different signs in front of church(you know different denominations) if today around the world all church signs were removed, would our faith in Jesus Christ be revealed the same, would everyone in attendance new or old, member or non-member, see from our actions that without help from the Holy Spirit no person can stay in the center of God’s will, no matter the doctrine. Remember all that are allowed to enter the Glorious Gates of Heaven will be Christian plain and simple. No one actually thinks there will be some sort of signs directing baptist, wesleyan, methodist or any of the other many denominations to different locations. When we reach our final reward as Christians we will all be as one in the family of God, just as we should be while here on earth.We must remember denominations are man made based on the different views and or beliefs of each founding member. Our Christianity and Salvation must be based on God’s Holy word and can only be found through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, while being cleansed by His Atoning Blood. Prayerfully our actions show a disciple of Christ before our words speak of a Church doctrine. How can we plant the seed of Salvation in non-believers if we spend all our time and energy debating with other believers which theology includes the correct wording. For a true example, when Jesus began to gather His disciples not one was a theological professor,not one was invited to come be part of a church with a listed doctrine, what they were invited to do was through Christ begin a journey with God, a journey that not only would work in and through their lives but would absolutely guide their lives.They were from all walks of life just as we are today, they were made up of fisherman, tax collectors, former revolutionaries and plain old sinners, each on different roads that would find the same path. I’m not by any means reducing the importance of church doctrine or the understanding of theology nor am I suggesting that we as members of a particular church stop inviting others to come worship in that church, what I am suggesting is this; the disciples while different in many ways were the same in one way, in fact the most important way; bonded together to serve by their love and dedication to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,without prejudices or individual opinions. Just as the first disciples showed If our lives as Christians reflect the will of God, we can and will help draw others to Christ, without identifying a doctrine. As always all comments are welcomed and can be forwarded to
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