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Reprobate minds rule empty hearts.

Posted on: September 5th, 2013 by ktaylor

If we were to fold up the calendars cut off the technology and forget the date,what would the events of the times remind us of? Sodom and Gomorrah,that’s right take a minute step back and look around. We are now seeing state after state falling in line with politics rather than supporting God’s word. Homosexuality and same sex marriage is growing eroding our Christian foundation while teaching it’s all in the changing times,therefore ok. Let’s look at one of the many verses in the Bible that tells us it’s not ok in the eyes of God. (more…)

A brief explanation of “what this page is all about”

Posted on: September 3rd, 2013 by ktaylor

I thought a brief outline about this page and what contend will consist of would be a terrific starting point.This page will focus on topics including but not limited to concerns,problems,moral issues,non-Christian business practices and unethical events that Christians face daily. While these issues will be addressed it is not our intent to embarrass,offend nor disgrace anyone.Our prayer is when these issues as with any issues are identified the one becomes many not only in comment but more so for prayer. (more…)