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Dividing Lines; Do we allow Doctrine to limit Discipleship?

Posted on: September 9th, 2019 by ktaylor

With all the conversation today around the refusal of political powers to cross so-called party lines and work together for a common goal,it brings up another question that should be far more important. Are we as Christians willing to cross “denomination lines”, is doctrine limiting discipleship? This problem continues to be the dirty little congregational secret that we all refuse to admit or talk about.It’s in plain view, Christians not working together, closing doors that Christ has opened by allowing ourselves to serve separate rather than together, why? (more…)

Root them out!

Posted on: November 2nd, 2013 by ktaylor

Our society today has many readily available outcast, they include the homeless, mentally ill, aids patients and the list goes on. Just last week here in Spartanburg,SC we saw a Christian run organization at odds’s with a group of atheist, not over salvation, scripture or belief but over volunteering to help feed the homeless. I realize that at this very moment while reading this article some are thinking, atheist shouldn’t be allowed to help especially in a Christian place, but I pose this question; what better place for them to help, what other ones better for this certain group, or any group for that matter to be side by side with while lending an helping hand than with disciples of Christ while in His sanctuary. (more…)

A priceless trip to Walmart.

Posted on: September 6th, 2013 by ktaylor

The following is a praise report;
The other day while waiting in the Walmart checkout line with my wife I overheard the cashier talking with the lady checking out in front of us,just small talk you know the weather,did she find everything she was looking for,pretty much standard retail checkout conversation,that is until the cashier finished the order and while handing the lady her receipt the cashier said,”thank you and have a blessed day”. The customer immediately returned a general ok. (more…)