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Don’t get hung up on 1,Pray for all!

Posted on: August 12th, 2014 by ktaylor

With all the hype going on right now around gay marriage I have had many request to respond with some type of article, some even like a call to defense kinda thing. Well after much prayer and listening to Jesus rather than man here it is. While reading the below article please remember, it’s not about this sin or that sin,but about the only true way out of sin, by the Atoning Blood of Jesus Christ!

Wow, where to start. Although we as a ministry have addressed this issue before it seems to always be a topic,whether it be through emails or general conversation. let’s face it the gay marriage movement is gaining ground, while becoming legal in just about every state (I’m thankful not in SC “yet” the key word here is yet). I realize that as a country the decision,although politically motivated has been made that gay rights are front and center. It’s every where we look now, from social media, TV to marches in the street. However with that being said isn’t all the sin Christ warned about just as evident? Let’s study about this thing for a minute.;TV, just about every show airing today,except for some wholesome shows like The Andy Griffith show, will at some point have at least one or two scenes with’em laid up in the sack together, that is after they attend the party with all the drugs and alcohol. What about social media,take a minute and just look through your Facebook likes and friends, I’m pretty sure you’ll find some type of post that doesn’t even come close to saying I’m a Christian and even-though you or I didn’t personally write the post, by allowing our self’s to display the content, shouldn’t we be held responsible? Then there’s the constant public out-cry to take God out of anything and every where possible. “Deep breath Now” while it is true that homosexuality is eating away Christian values at an alarming rate, I think it safe to say, as serious the problem of homosexuality is, it’s far from the only sin we need to be praying about. We need to be praying more, while being prayed for.Praying for the youth of our world,praying for churches that choose people pleasing programs (there are many) in place of preaching God’s word & perseverance, we need to be praying for all to know Jesus. In constant prayer, that before the sinful examples of this world can influence and guide people, they will be exposed to His grace,mercy and power so that they to may be set free from the wages of sin,to know eternal Salvation. To sum it up, I agree the sin of homosexuality needs to be addressed while the ones committing this sin need praying for, but let’s also remember, when we as Christians get to focused on our own agendas, it’s easy to become sidetracked only praying about that one issue that always seems to stray us. At that moment,we’ve allowed the enemy to gain ground,while the other sins of this world are accomplishing the same thing as is the sin of homosexuality,separating those committing other sins (whatever they may be) from God while drawing them closer to satan. Knowing that one lost soul is one to many, should be a constant reminder when praying “don’t get hung up on 1,pray for all” let’s remain diligent & faithful  in prayer.

Plain Talk Time; Let’s not get caught up in identifying which sin needs the most attention or which ones we should disprove of the most, that’s already taken care of. With all authority God said sin is sin, it’s not up to us to decide each day which sin to hate or which sinner needs the most prayer. What’s up to us is to be obedient show the love of  Christ, while praying for and encouraging all along the way.