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“Walking with Christ on the high road”

Posted on: May 29th, 2014 by ktaylor

Note;”Steps hardest taken provide the strongest walk”Throughout our Christian journey we will be placed in all types of situations & circumstances,each one making us stronger as disciples while guiding others toward God’s Kingdom,we must stay the course,no matter the difficulty,until released by Christ,with the hope that all will reach Glory.With that,we stand firm on decisions made while assured of steps taken, therefore moving forward with both hands on the plow,realizing there is much work to be done.The following message provides release and the only true Christ-like response,I pray Christ allows you same;

As many of you know my family and myself have recently changed churches due to circumstances that will not be discussed nor published on this website.However I would like to say,your prayers,support and encouragement throughout this difficult time for myself,family,friends and Crossmembers is very much appreciated and has not gone unnoticed,God continues to pour out His blessings.For those insisting on a response from both the ministry and myself in reference to the letters we received from both Spartanburg First Wesleyan church administration and some individual members,our response is this,”Let’s all take the high road” (God’s road) praying that no matter our differences in opinions and observations our journey and destination remain the same,while our direction true.A Christian brother once told me if you’re mad at someone pray for them;reason being if we are praying for someone we can’t be mad at them,here’s a thought,let’s all pray for each other.One last note my uncle Butch has a saying it goes like this; “The Jesus in me will never fight the Jesus in you”Praise God!

In Christ

Keith Taylor