Prayer Requests

Ayden Atkins> medical

Dianne Maddox > cancer treatment

Doug Dills > medical

Randy Plumley > medical

Camias > small baby going thru open heart; James & Melissa his parents.

Clyde Golightly > medical

Paul Fuller > cancer

Connie Fuller > medical

Darnell Kinlaw > surgery

Kevin Kache > Medical

Lib McGugan> health

Sally,¬† Bruce’s mom> medical

Steven> surgery

Jerry Cole > continuing health recovery

Lauren Edge > medical

Tommy Waterson> accident

Oksana> unspoken

Bruce Fine >

Becky Miller > stroke rehab

Kenneth > stage 4 melanoma

Todd Kendall > medical

Chris Harvey > medical

Jeff Henson > medical

Jan Miller > medical

GEM Ministries

Dave Swanger> medical

Butch McConnell > medical

Wilfred > medical

Ralph Miller

John Posa > Urgent medical

Doug Smith > medical

Nicole > medical

Maria Lopez > unspoken

Rich Vortman

Ronnie > God’s guidance & peace

Fred Skates >health

Ms. Skates >medical

Bill & Suzanne Phillips >health

Joyce Horton > medical

Sally > medical

Josh > unspoken

Les Belcher > God’s guidance,strength to grow were planted

Howard Brink > medical

Morris > medical

Danny > Medical

Mike > God’s guidance & direction

Janice & Josh >God’s guidance & strength

Kenny & Debra Greenway (Greenway Ministries)

Courtney Greenway > Leukemia

Heath Mccraw>Medical

Law Enforcement> God’s hedgerow of Safety & Protection

Our Military > God’s hedgerow of Safety & Protection

President Trump & Family

Vice President Pence & Family

All elected officials > God’s guidance

Val Raffaldt> Cancer

Olin Raffaldt> God’s guidance & peace

Cableb Brown> Active Military (USMC)

Shawn & Chandler> God’s continued guidance

The guys of Evans training center (past&present)>continued success & blessings

Glen Dickard> medical

Natascha,Johnn& Family>God’s guidance & strength

Melissa(California)>Guidance & Strength

David > Urgent Medical

Julian Foster > Urgent Salvational & Medical

Katie > Salvational

Tim Spargo > stage 4 liver cancer

Jerel & Charles Brannon > Spiritual warfare

Jerry > tendon in knee

Cobb Family > God’s peace & comfort

Ruth Davis > prayer partner

Frank Thompson > Medical

Levis Baker> late stages cancer

Bill & Suzanne (son & daughter in-law Jeanette Heatherly)> comfort & peace

Kent Wells > medical

Krystina Jones > medical

Quincy Jones & brothers >  active military service

Louie Fine > medical

Mike > Personal

Javane Pitts > Medical

Tommy Guyton > Encouragement,support & comfort

Terry Mullins> Medical

Jan > God’s guidance

Perry> Medical & unspoken

Edmund Krzeminski & Family>

Cindy> Family issues

Raymond & Alice Shreve> Ministry & Missions

Carl & Wanda King and team> GEM Ministry & Missions

Bo Bailey

Gerald Burnett> Medical

Ann & Henry Seay> Medical

Steve Adams

Matthew>Guidance & Protection

Jordan in North Carolina > Strength & Encouragement

John Foster>Direction

John Price>Strength & Guidance

Jan> Health issues

Terri> Health (MS)


Mr . Stewart > Salvation & illness

Bruce >Unspoken

Mark> Salvation

Mike > Salvation

Bobby> Salvation

Mary, Son’s> Salvation

Robbins Family> Family member has cancer

Our Government> All levels to seek God’s guidance

Norm> Daughter has Cancer

Robert > Unspoken

Our Nation > Return to Christ as a whole

Adam & Family > Undisclosed

Mike > Salvation & Guidance

Roger Toney> Cancer

Paulette> undisclosed

Phillip > Salvation & Medical

Christine and son Robert > Christ guidance and support

Oneida Brown > Medical

Cameron Green> cancer

Lachian> Leukemia

Cameron Green family> support & encouragement

Christians > See the difference between judging and correcting. We as disciples of Christ must through His power and strength bring forth His message, without concern for self.