Trust&Follow; He’s already there!

Posted by KTaylor on January 30th, 2014

The old Adage “it’s all good when it’s good,but it’s all bad when it’s bad”, has nothing to do with being a Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit and full of joy. As we all know the assurance and joy of salvation are not controlled nor limited by circumstances.Thanks to Preacher Frank Bryant, for once again sharing this powerful message Christ laid upon his heart.We look forward to a continuing Christian partnership with Preacher Frank and the blessings that will be revealed through the messages.

He went to bed on a full stomach, in the nicest bed in the house, feeling the favored love of his daddy, but less than 24 hours later, Joseph will find himself begging for his life at the bottom of a well. Things have a way of changing overnight…a visit to the doctor, a letter in the mail, a car wreck, a death in your family… just a few of the things that can change your life in a flash….and as all of you know, things do happen !!!One minute you’re on top of the world and the next you are on the very bottom. It’s all a matter of trust and faith….either we believe God and trust He has our best interest in mind or we believe He is out to get us and that He has no control with what’s going on in our lives. If you will look back over your life, you will see that most every trial that came your way is what shaped you and strengthened you to get where you are now. Had it never stormed, you would not appreciate the sunshine…had you never been broke, you would not appreciate the blessings of life…had you not shed tears of sadness, you would never appreciate laughter and joy !!! One night soon, Joesph is going to go to bed and he’s in prison and there will be nothing new or different about his bedtime prayer but less than 24 hours later, he will be summoned by Pharoh, will interpret the dream, and be placed second in command in the palace. Things have a way of going bad real quick….Things have a way of going good real quick !! Trust God with both.. Don’t thank Him for the good and blast Him for the bad…Sometimes it takes the bad to get us to the good !! Trust that He knows what’s best and where you need to be and knows how to get you there !! “MY lord knows the way thru the wilderness..all I have to do is follow !!!!”
Pastor Frank Bryant

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