The danger of Church politics.

Posted by KTaylor on July 24th, 2017

This topic has definitely been a tough one for me,as I personally can speak to the dangers of Church politics first hand. Thus being that I personally have been at one time the very one involved in the middle of the politicking. Folks let me tell you it’s a slippery slope,no matter the rhyme or reason. Church politicking to advance one’s thoughts over another can not only lead to hurt feelings,loss of friendship and more importantly it brings strife within God’s house,trust me I know.Nothing we can possibly come up with will outweigh how God’s word instructs us to deal with others,no matter the setting,circumstance,be it in peaceful or conflicting(Matthew 18) we are to be straight forward,encouraging & supportive,we are to love each other.Loving each other as Christ loves us can only be achieved through salvation & prayer. A dear brother in Christ once told me and I quote “You can’t hate someone & pray for them at the same time” its just not possible,this includes any type of malice within our heart. Politics within God’s house(Church)is malice,bringing despair & doubt providing the type of fertile ground the enemy(satan) needs to grow. To clarify,when referring to Church politics,it’s anything that suggest my agenda is more important than God’s plan. Now I’m not talking about board and or deacon meetings that have individual discussions on & how different plans or programs may help the Church to grow God’s Kingdom,I’m talking about anything that is for the reason of personal advancement within the Church rather than selling out for the growth of God’s Kingdom. Remember,It’s victory through surrender and surrender can only be realized with humility. All of this leads to our starting of a new series of on-line Bible studies. Matthew 18 will be our foundation for this series. As we begin the new series,ak that the Holy Spirit guide & teach revealing God & His ways. As always questions, concerns & comments can be forwarded via here on the website,facebook & or email. I look forward to the growth God will bring as He guides me through this new series. 

in Christ


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