Stirred Emotions.

Posted by KTaylor on January 27th, 2014

Thanks to Pastor Frank Bryant for sharing these tremendous heartfelt thoughts, when reading I myself could feel the Holy Spirit stirring the emotions of my heart,I’m sure Preacher Frank’s prayer would be all while reading continue to be blessed with the same.

ONE thing I have learned in the last six months is to NOT judge other people !! Judge not that ye be not judged. I preached this for 20 years and actually had myself convinced that I practiced it, BUT GOD showed me different. Had Joesph been in our average churches these days, we would have heard comments like these…”Yeah, they say he raped Potifor’s wife, I never did trust him!”…or…..”He’s in prison now, bet he don’t act goody two shoes there !”…or…”He can’t even get along with his own family” Isn’t it stunning how we can always find the words to talk about people that we know so very little about when in fact if we knew the whole story we would change our words or better yet just quit talking. Wonder how many people had something bad or judgemental to say about Joesph when he fed them and saved their family ? I have a professor friend who taught our preaching class in college who had a severe back problem and took pain medicine to get some relief and got hooked on the medication…Does that make him a druggie? I have a dear friend that made a big mistake and now lives with the consequenses every day and sometimes has to numb himself just to be able to get past himself and go to sleep…Does that make him an alcoholic? Jesus reached out to the woman caught in the very act of adultery and the woman who had went thru 5 divorces and was living in fornication. He reserved His harshest words for the crowd who judged everybody else cause they weren’t as good as them…GOD HELP US ALL !!! His word tells us if we can’t bridle our tounge, our religion is vain!!! Today would be a good day to go out and find some low down sinner like ourselves and let them know that GOD loves them just as much as he does us, maybe a little more when we are being judgemental !!!! Oh, and thank you Joesph for not letting all those things you heard keep you from feeding my ancestors and saving my family from starvation !!!!!!!

Pastor Frank Bryant

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