Posted by KTaylor on December 27th, 2019

Want Ya Join Us, Please,come go with me, or We would love to have you,anyway you say it, southern style or kings proper english (y’all didn’t even think I knew such) its bringing the right message, you’re not just here, you help make up here. Its at that moment the door of opportunity opens. An opportunity to witness or perhaps be witnessed too, watering the seed of spiritual growth comes a lot of times from the one we thought needed the water more than we did,with both experiencing growth. Its those invites that lead to more than a party of one,besides we as a people desire to not just be here or there but be part of the where we are. Folks,Church is certainly no different maybe even more so. People get more involved when others get involved with them, we all know from our own experiences,if we want others to feel like they’re part of the destination they have to be included in the trip. For this Inclusion, there cant be barriers, such as around groups,committees, choir, and fellowship opportunities, simple moves like sitting with a new member at a church fellowship dinner will certainly open doors,its the small things. Barriers can & will eliminate an opportunity for gift sharing(Romans 12:6-8), it may even do spiritual damage. We as the body of Christ (Romans 12:5) although different as individuals(Romans 12:4) are most effective when serving as one,its the unity that makes us the tool in God’s hand we are intended to be. That unity as one must begin inside,an invitation to participate for those already within tha house will greatly benefit those outside the house. With that on tha heart & for reasons of content to this article, I myself spoke with 5 regular church goers,each from a different church but equally active within many aspects of both weekly worship as well as other church organized activities. The question; In the last month how many folks already within your church did you ask to participate in some type of either,worship, special event or other wise? I’ll leave it right there,one of us can’t move that needle,as noted it will take us as one body working together,exactly how Christ intended.

in Christ


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