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Retail;Where’s the Integrity & Professionalism?

Posted by KTaylor on October 19th, 2020

Hello all, welcome to our Crossmembers”Blog”/ discussion page. In the coming weeks this page will be taking on a new feature or I should say a return feature, with added interaction possibilities. If you haven’t guessed as of yet, we’re bringing back our “Podcast” with some flare, that’s right Crossmembers beginning on Nov 2nd (day before election),will start a live bi-weekly discussion, via our YouTube channel. These discussions as with all our website content will have 3 points of containment; First; our growth & guidance as with any issue will be based on Biblical fact,scripture. That’s not to say our discussions will not have worldly issues brought up,I’m sure they will,thats the idea, lets just be sure God’s word is the tool used to push them back down or lift them up,what ever the case may be.Second; no content & or discussion will be personal,let’s focus on highlighting the issues,third;all content & discussions will be to stimulate thought bringing growth as to how everyday events & happenings,our habits,our friends and yes our families do effect not only our walk with Christ but others,nothing is off tha table. So where to start, Over the past several weeks I have via email,phone conversation,text & personal experience sought to bring in some ideas as for topics we can begin to highlight therefore starting the discussion ,as you can imagine the possibilities are endless. As with most of us the Lord used some things of recent happenings with myself to highlight our first topic, Using the listed above title,I put out a call for input & I’ve already received tons of feedback,feedback that includes big box stores,local retailers & service areas”i.e.”car shops, heating & air,pest control,realtors and home improvement co,these are some of the types of businesses previously mentioned .I’ve gotten thoughts,opinions & reviews,many highlighting those who have forgotten the words listed within the above title but also giving shout outs to those Christian businesses,we certainly want to bring mention of the positive impact a true Christian owned business brings to their community.With that in mind,lets at the conclusion of every podcast end by highlighting that business who uses the platform of sells & or service to spread God’s message,keeping in mind the website will continue to rely on continued feedback from you all for comments,the highlighting of business as well as future topics,all to be forwarded via our website email,not by social media. In talking with those who have since our websites beginning have provided instruction,opinion & much prayer,we are excited for this next opportunity God has provided & we look forward to seeing discussion & education bring growth. Our hope in bringing these discussions to surface is that we as Christians change the circumstance before the circumstance can change the walk. In the coming days we will list the times for our first Live discussion. Thanks to all of you who have submitted the feedback,keep’em coming.

in Christ