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Show your support.

Posted by KTaylor on June 27th, 2019

Hey folks see the below attached flyer. The Living Branch Ministries will be using proceeds from the fireworks booth to help fund there food pantry. As we all know helping feed the hungry is a tremendous expense,so lets all join together as brothers & sisters in Christ and support this worthy cause. Luke 14:1420190627_165443

Why not me Lord!

Posted by KTaylor on June 12th, 2019

Hello folks,we at Crossmembers recently learned that brother Bruce Fine has cancer & will be given chemo & radiation treatment. This past Monday I spent some time with Bruce at our local cancer center as he began his treatment,watching & hearing Bruce interact with others reminded me that only within the light of Christ,can someone be totally equipped to not only go through but to overcome a rough stretch of road within life’s journey. I’ve heard when battling any disease,sickness and or illness especially cancer,attitude is more than half the battle. With that being tha case,the type cancer Bruce has is in for an “out behind tha barn whopping” the kind Clemson put on Bama last season(for you Bruce). As God’s Holy Word teaches us the joy of salvation is not circumstantial nor situational. Over many years within worship,daily life & through the workings of this ministry,I’ve personally seen how God speaks in many ways. One of which is life’s example from others. Those who constantly reveal a stability & 100% reliance on God that’s needed to navigate life’s cliffy path. My friends,Bruce is that example. No matter the situation or circumstance he seeks to share the gospel & love of Jesus Christ with all that he may cross paths with.My friends, Bruce is a “why not me,Lord” servant. The one that says,send me (Isaiah 6:8).  To many that read this article joyful & cancer won’t go together but to the “why not me,Lord” servant it will reveal the eternal victory found through salvation.Lets all join together as we lift up our brother Bruce Fine in prayer,keeping him and others alike before God’s throne of healing & mercy. For those who have prayer request,it is our blessing when ask to pray.

in Christ