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God’s love poured out within Correction.

Posted by KTaylor on April 6th, 2018

Rest assured that when the need arises the Holy Spirit will definitely adjust our thought process,thank God. Earlier this evening I received one finely tuned adjustment. Any other time I would have had some of our “Crossmember care packages” in the car but today I didn’t.Anyway,In a hurry after picking up dinner I ran in the DG to grab some buns & chips. Leaving the store I seen a young man walking along side the car parked next to us. By tha time I got to our car,opened the door,he was standing right at the car door. In a low voice he ask if I would give him some money,I hurriedly replied sorry,got in the car & proceeded to leave the parking lot. Before we had gotten to the railroad tracks(on Hayne street) the Holy Spirit was speaking & I needed to listen. He was feeding me but it wasn’t with the takeout in tha car. In loving but stern fashion He reminded me,pricking my heart,reiterating it’s our responsibility to care for those less fortunate,to love thy neighbor more than myself,even when in a hurry.I immediately turned around & headed back to the DG. When we pulled back in the young man was standing on the sidewalk,I motioned him over to tha car window. Handing him cash,I shared with him that The good Lord had told me to bring money back to him,he smiled. I said get ya some supper & God bless. Pulling out I glanced back,he was going into the store.  I’m sharing this to praise God.Giving testimony of His faithfulness to teach & even remind when need be. He continues drawing us closer & He never waivers. It’s sharing His message in anyway possible so that others may see Him revealed that’s truly important. His love is wonderful,even when it’s poured out within correction. Praise God.

in Christ