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A thought from tha heart.

Posted by KTaylor on February 25th, 2018

A comment from tha heart. A news anchors question this morning; quote:the first Sunday without Billy Graham,how do we continue to take his message out into the world” end quote.
Reverend Billy Graham spent a lifetime preaching God’s word of Salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. I’m sure at times even for him following the great commission was vigorous & tough,but he knew staying the course would bring permanent rest,comfort & peace. Reverend Graham knew this ole world needs Jesus.God centered ministries as Reverend Graham’s do not seek to take a personal message out into the world,but to reveal Christ to the world.Reverend Graham’s life was that others not see him but they know Jesus.As Christians that is our message presented through God’s word placing all our hope & trust in the hands of God,guided by the Holy Spirit, surrendered to Christ,secured by God’s promise, His grace is more than sufficient. I’m thankful for 99 years of Reverend Graham’s earthly life & ministry,but as a Christian I’m joyful he’s home,praise God.


Posted by KTaylor on February 15th, 2018

Good morning all,please join Crossmembers Men’s Ministry in prayer as we lift up those impacted by the tragedy in Florida. Prayer is the way we communicate with God,allowing Him to communicate with us while providing comfort,peace & guidance.

What Opportunities!

Posted by KTaylor on February 3rd, 2018

mic & crossThe title is not a question but a statement. What opportunities God provides as we walk within His light. Opportunities not only for us but also for those we come in contact with.With that on our hearts we will begin on or by 2/12/18 an online live video feed Bible study, to air once or twice weekly. The feed will be via our Crossmembers “You Tube” channel. More information & directions to come. The Live feeds will not only provide weekly Bible studies but will also from time to time feature personal testimonies. As with any & everything we do as a ministry & individual we look forward in seeing where The Lord will lead within this next opportunity. Again more information to follow in the coming days,Prayer is appreciated. Thank you.

Date correction: When posting the above information the date of 2/12/18 should have been 3/12/18 for our start date. Sorry for any confusion and thanks to those who reached out to ask about the start date.

in Christ