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“Divided heart’s,revealed by a split tongue”

Posted by KTaylor on May 24th, 2017

Divided hearts & split tongues,kinda sounds like one of those horror movies on ┬áT.V,when in reality it is a horrific tale of sinful lives. Example, someone saying one thing( quoting scriptures) while doing another(cursing,drinking,lying & so on,you get it,living a sinful life)without any obedience to God. This type of life is definitely destructive to the individual as well as to the building of God’s Kingdom. No-one can lead someone to Christ while following sinful desires.God’s word tells us, we cannot drink from 2 cups at the same time, 1Corinthians 10:21. The type of sinful action referenced is no more evident than on social media,I’m not gonna bother listing the sites by name,we all know them. Social media sites are cluttered with posts suggesting that as long as there is a Bible in one hand,it matters not what the action of the other hand. Again, Nothing could be further from the truth! It’s like this, the mouth can tell a lie to those we are speaking but our actions will show them the truth & sideways behavior filled with hollow words pushes away those who may be seeking an obedient Christ filled life. So thought or the day: “The heart reveals to with whom we walk”

in Christ