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“Harvest Work”

Posted by KTaylor on September 26th, 2016



The initial purpose of this post was to be a shout-out for M & S Timber. A logging business that operates within a standard rarely seen in our business world today. The owner Mason McAbee still believes in the bond of a handshake & importance of keeping one’s word. The example these guy’s show on the job provides hope while giving fact that there are still business’s within our society working to exhibit Christian values though their lives by their actions,including while on the job. To Mason,George & Randy I personally say thank you for not just a job well done but truly for the way you go about the job.The prior statement was to be the message of this post,however to His Glory, God would reveal much more.

It’s with appreciation for the above noted & thankfulness for the following I’ve basically re-written this entire article,many times. That being said the core of this article never changed,let’s just say it’s now that of a business recommendation but more importantly includes example of eternal life preparation. It”s written from many different conversations & thought’s that are all centered, held together by the one sturdy,solid truth,much like a tree, the branches supported by a trunk,how ironic.From a customers point of view,the men of M & S proved to be professional & trustworthy completing the job hired to do, above & beyond expectations.These men are focused & committed working with a genuine desire to take care of the customer. As positive & wonderful as it was to see a business operating on trustworthiness,honesty & integrity,to God’s Glory there was much more,a blessing. This Article while saying thank you for a job well done,shouts hallelujah for a life rewarded that’s now heard “Well done good and faithful servant” .

On that rainy morning the above photo was taken,a recommendation &  appreciation as noted above were to be the sole content of this post.However God had something else in mind.Why the change,who would it be for,no one but God knows that. What I do know is this, on September 5th a front-line warrior in God’s army was called home,Dennis “George” Arledge.I met George a few months ago when he & Mason where hired to cut timber on our land.Our friendship began with business venture while our fellowship started around a bumper sticker. On the first day of cutting I noticed the”Praise Cathedral”(local Church) bumper sticker on George’s truck.Upon seeing the sticker I ask George if that’s where he attended church,his reply was far from a simple yes.George beaming with the light of the Holy Spirit answered with not only a yes but a concerned referencing If & where I attended church.I immediately realized George was a man truly dedicated to serving Christ.For The following several weeks through out most days George,Mason & I would have many conversations about our walk with the Lord.Most mornings I would walk up to our pasture,George would always greet me with “morning” then share with me his previous night or early moring Bible study.George spent a tremendous amount of time in God’s word,one could tell talking with George,he didnt just read God’s word,George studied God’s word.A tireless dedication to serving Christ was not only evident in George’s Bible studies but truly to anyone blessed to have heard him pray. George got it and he got it to the fullest,It being salvation.George undertood Luke 10:2,joyful for the harvest & working to chage the few to many.Eventhough I had been witness to George’s obidence to Christ, God allowed me while line at the mortuary, an amazing blessing. He allowed me through hearing so many wonderful & touching stories of how George loved his church,his family & friends but most of all how George loved God.Stories told of many seeds planted,seeds that are today being watered by our Saviour Jesus Christ. Although our pasture & woods are now silent of the once busy sound of cutting,trimming & loading,memories of fellowship,Biblical talks & prayers continue to fill the air with joyful praise . It’s both humbling & a blessing when God allows us a glimpse into His divine plan while bringing a “Divine Appointment”i.e.,a phone call seeking someone to cut timber.George may not be cutting tree’s any longer but his life’s work continues working for God’s Kingdom and that my friends is the truest Harvest.Praise God!

To the Arledge family,friends & M & S TIMBER, I am so very sorry for your loss,my prayer is that in time by God’s grace & mercy the void & pain you feel will give way to sweet memories.

in Christ