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Straight Talk!

Posted by KTaylor on October 28th, 2015

The devotional thought for today has been placed not only on my heart but the hearts of others within our ministry & watch care program, for what we see as a Divine call to proceed with further dialog on this particular devotional topic. Starting today (by late afternoon) and continuing through the week (11/1) will be conducting an in depth look titled “Making a Choice” with Scripture & thoughts to be seen via our website by clicking on the “S.O.S” tab. Thoughts and or concerns can be forwarded to
We look forward to a Biblical based discussion therfore bringing Spiritual growth.
in Christ

Reason for the thought.

Posted by KTaylor on October 27th, 2015

Good morning all. Our daily “Devotional Thought for the day” is being listed without scripture in order to do just that, make us think. Another words ,whatever is going on with ya life wise today, Scripture will shed light on it. You know “The Word became Flesh”. It’s by studying God’s word daily we allow the Holy Spirit to bring scripture to mind what ever the circumstance.
Devotional thought for today;
Journal your thoughts about the privilege of having a personal relationship with God.

Breakfast Canceled for 10/03/15

Posted by KTaylor on October 2nd, 2015

With safety & limited indoor space in mind, Due to the severe weather and the forecast of more than a foot of rain for Saturday we have made the decision to cancel the breakfast for this Saturday 10/03/15. We will post a rescheduled date here and on our Crossmembers Facebook page. Thanks