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Christians must still deliver Christ’ message!

Posted by KTaylor on June 29th, 2015

Good day all,I’m “blogging”a short but real topic today. We need to generate some thought but mainly alot of prayer around this issue. The issue being, are we asking the Lord what can “I” do to grow His Kingdom.Or what am I already doing that I could do more of to grow His Kingdom.That brings me to this,with all going on in the world around us today we can’t afford to miss one opportunity to share His message. You want to fix this world,be on it, not of it(Romans 12:2).We can’t afford not to be bold in our faith.We as Chritians need to be more concerned about others going to hell than we are about being socially accepted are losing a friend.let’s be praying about not one thing, but everything.Then we can pull up a rocker and talk about it. Any comments, questions or concerns can be sent via email or here through our comment page. I’ll post the remarks ever day or so. Thanks.

in Christ