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In Remembrance.

Posted by KTaylor on September 12th, 2014

As 9/11/2014 comes to a close lets’s all please remember the families in prayer of those whose live’s were so tragically changed by the brutal acts of terrorism carried out on 9/11/2001,while thanking God His enduring presence and comfort.Let’s remember to thank Him for healing,that even though we will never forget that day,we are healing as a Christian nation.Let’s remember to thank Him that we live in a country were we still have the right to worship,praise and thank Him,even in public.To those who lost a loved one or friend on 9/11/2001,may earthly voids be filled with the sweet love and sufficient Grace of our Risen Savior Jesus Christ.
Crossmembers Men’s Ministry

A visit to The Potters House; “Tour of Kindness”.

Posted by KTaylor on September 11th, 2014

If you find yourself driving along Hyw.18 around Jonesville,SC on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of any given month you won’t have to look hard to figure out something is going on.Cars parked on both sides of the road as well as a filled Church parking lot that continues to give way to lines of people,some seeking help others lending a helping hand but all realizing this particular place provides the opportunity for both.The place is The Potters House and the mission is loving.caring and kindness through Christian discipleship.A couple weeks back Don Moore the Pastor/Director of Potters House in Jonesville,SC,invited Jan Miller and myself down for a look see and to witness these amazing happenings that take place every other Wednesday.The welcome we received was gracious while the atmosphere was blessed.Don provided a guided tour while sharing some very moving testimony, let me tell you the entire experience was a blessing.As noted above Potters House is located on Hyw. 18 in Jonesville,SC.Along with operating a Church they also run a food pantry,feeding around 53,000 people a year.I assure you no one could ever get the true impact of the going’s on in and around Potters House without seeing it for yourself,it was amazing to see so much work being done by so few people.Don,his associate Pastor Glenn Sparks along with all who so diligently go about there work,are true Christian examples of what giving of ones self to help others is truly about.Each task,from checking people in,filling out needed paper work, to constantly bringing out pallets of food from the supply coolers and stock rooms is gone about with a joyful heart,no grumbling,griping or discontent only joy through serving.Now get this,as dedicated as Potters House is to feeding the body they are even more dedicated to seeing that the soul is being fed,this was evident as we entered through the Sanctuary,we immediately heard the word of God being preached and let me tell you the presence of the Holy Spirit could be felt.Pews filled and many standing along the walls,most leaving with much more than groceries,20 to 40 Salvation’s a month provide a strong testament to how these people are being touched with God’s message and grace.Talking with Don one can hear the desire to help others in his voice but it’s while walking the halls hearing all the thank you’s and God Bless you Pastor Don that I myself seen the true loving nature of Christ revealed.Don’s voice echoes the sounds of a over flowing Holy Spirit filled heart while sharing many of the success stories of individuals and families that were at one time themselves at Potters House due to being in need but after receiving much needed help from Don and his staff are back on their feet with many of those folks coming back in a different roll,as volunteers giving back just as they previously received,with a servants heart.However with all their success there is still much work to be done,bags to be filled,pallets to be moved and most of all still the need for those that need to be ministered too through an active discipleship such as The Potters House.Keep in mind that all the workers including Don and Glenn are volunteers, while all foods distributed to hose in need is purchased with donations or made up through drives.On just this one visit I seen for myself just how many people are being touched by this wonderful ministry.If you would like to become a sharing partner with The Potters House through monthly donations,food drives,donating of food or simply showing up to provide man power,or for any other questions you may have concerning The Potters House contact Pastor Don Moore @ 864-674-0880,any help would be appreciated and you will be blessed.
Food pantry operation; 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month.
Praise & Worship service same days,Starting at 8:40 a.m with service beginning at 9 a.m
Don and Glenn were so kind to ask us back and to invite me to speak on September,24th please join us.
Crossmembers would like to thank Don and all the staff of The Potters House for the discipleship they provide,while exhibiting the love of Jesus Christ.
In Christ