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Posted by KTaylor on February 27th, 2014

Our Crossmembers February bible study/breakfast was again a time of blessed fellowship,the homestyle country breakfast was as usual worth sopping(that means real good )and our bible study blessed.The bible study topic for February “Cost vrs Gain”Luke 14:28-30 definitely provided interaction while revealing heart felt testimony,keep in mind all Bible studies are available through the on line Bible study page.It’s the priority to serve our Savior Jesus Christ that guides these men each month to get out of the bed on Saturday morning,a priority that is not limited by a clock nor a calendar.It’s a priority that remains present at all times that can not be altered by circumstances or changed by excuses.The same priority and diligence are displayed through the emails and text our website receives daily,whether it be a concern of social events or the need for personal prayer, it all takes realizing the priority we as Christians should have.

In Christ