“🤔Stay Tuned🤔”

Posted by KTaylor on December 19th, 2019

Hello everyone,hope all are well,praise God for yet another day to serve Him & do the kingdom work we are called to. If you notice the title sorta gives way that something is coming. What is it, for myself and a few close others, its a “we’re here” kinda thing. It’s an article/Bible study that has taken 3 years to lay out. An article that prayerfully will prompt discussion followed by Christian movement. Hopefully the publishment of our research on this upcoming material will shed the light of Christ into an area that truly is satan’s darkness. Our tentative date for publishment of the article & Bible study will be on December 23, so with that “Stay Tuned”

Update; our publish date has changed,as of now our tentative publish date is now January 1,2020. Thanks for your patience & understanding.

in Christ


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