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Posted on: December 14th, 2017 by ktaylor

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A question was ask of me last week while speaking with a group of men. The question was “Can live broadcast from somewhere other than a church take the place of worshiping in God’s House”. My immediate response a resounding no. The following perspective was then brought up. With all the live weekly internet access & t.v preaching enhanced by weekly group gatherings (Bible studies), what would be the difference?Scriptures for reference, Hebrews 10:25,(Do not forsake the gathering).Matthew 18:20(2 or more gathered) 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 (Lords supper) Matthew 18:17 (Church discipline). I did feel the call to ask this same question to folks I’ve spoken with in the past week or so. It became evident to me throughout these past few days,to many the answer isn’t as decisive as I first thought it to be. I’ve spoken with those in church regularly,those attending some times and yes those who do not attend church at all.I’ve ask this very question to believers & nonbelievers,with the provided responses being all over the board..That coupled with the prayer has led us to this Bible study. As usual comments,questions & or concerns can be forwarded here thru the website email,with summaries posted as periodically.  Thank you.

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Part 2; Before we move forward with the summarizing comments, I do believe we need to ask this. Using scripture coupled with the above content, let’s take on the next part of this Bible study that being this; Is there a difference and if so what?

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