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“Sound Doctrine”

Posted on: March 15th, 2017 by ktaylor

For the next several weeks our on-line Bible study will look at Sound Doctrine verses shaky talk.

Is the message exactly what God instructed,a clear connection to¬†God’s word, Titus 2:1 “to teach what accords with sound doctrine”,another words is what I’m saying from the thoughts of man or the Word of God.

Follow up – 3-22

I had no idea when posting the above Bible -study topic, it would pull so much active conversation but as we know that’s how God works. Taking what would seem to be clear & decisive (in world view), like say “doctrine” then revealing it may not be so clear after all(tied to scripture). From the active talks I’ve had since the posting of this Bible-study,the topic of “doctrine” is far from clear.Doctrine is a word that seems to have many definitions,in many cases depending on who your’re talking to. For instance to some doctrine suggest the need to defend,say as in an individual church structure,while for others doctrine may suggest just the opposite,agreeing with what ever brings the least amount of resistance. This brings us to the point of the Bible-study “Solid Doctrine” can only be found within the truth of God’s word,realized through prayer & meditation.




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