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Baptism;Being a proper Candidate

Posted on: May 28th, 2017 by ktaylor

What is being a proper candidate for baptism & then what?

> First a candidate for baptism must have confessed and repented of sins,made a conscious commitment of faith in Christ )Acts 2:41

> When baptized it is our public confession of faith,being a new believer who desire to be obedient to Christ.

>  Baptism should not only symbolize the end of a sinful lifestyle but reveal one’s new life (eternal life) in Christ.

The above realities I believe will serve as a solid start to this topic. This particular Bible study,by it’s very title will bring on many different emotions.However through discussion, meditation on God’s word while being lead by prayer we will be assured that the sole intent of this study is as with all our content here on Crossmembers website & ministry,to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Please forward all thoughts & comments via email to

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