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Does forgiving mean forgetting?

Posted on: September 12th, 2014 by ktaylor

With the date of this Bible study 9/11/2014, I felt the Lord guiding me toward starting the study on forgiving and or forgetting.Due to on-line Bile studies interaction being so good as of late,I am only going to ask one question to get it started, as comments and thoughts come in we will no doubt get alot deeper. Ok here goes;

When we forgive someone for whatever it was they may have done to us,are we also to forget said offense? Another words does forgiving mean forgetting?

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Up-Date 9/17/14

We do have a variety of comments,some based on how a Christian views the above study others more along the lines of how this world see’s things. With that said I will start today and continue for the next several days listing some with a summary to follow .

*To clear up something to my knowledge there is no where in the Bible that quotes the old saying “forgive and forget”. However there are a number of scriptures commanding us to forgive. But when we forgive but do not seek to reconcile {forget} who’s really suffering?