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Selective or Serving

Posted on: August 2nd, 2014 by ktaylor

Warning; churches and other Christian organizations are being selective in who, how and to what they invite others! Another words becoming “cliquish” therefore allowing such behavior to limit discipleship. We have no right or more so the authority to select who we share God’s message with. There are churches in our communities today that deny and even cancel membership for some due to them having opinions. Shouldn’t we as disciples of Christ be ministering to all without bias. In our Christian life, Jesus Christ should be our only leader and example. As scripture says in Luke 11:23, (Jesus is speaking) “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me, scatters.”    Here it is; Our selective discipleship along with personal agenda’s can and will keep others out of Heaven!

Our Bible study question is this;

How can we ensure we are gathering, not scattering?

Update 8/12/14

Views and thoughts around this Bible study were all over the board. From such statements as ” we have to be selective to serve” to “it’s being selective that keeps out the rif raf. However the one comment that really brought the lights up on what this Bible study was all about is as follows ” Preachers expect us to be selective”. I had to read that one several times and each time I read it the result was the same; me thinking ‘who are they serving the preacher or the Lord Jesus”? It’s with comments just like that we scatter rather than gather. You see if we are more concerned with being excepted as church members than we are Christians, we’re not only scattering we are blocking. That’s right, we just as well be building a wall in front of the very gate that enters Heaven. Knowing that our Lord while ministering and walking this earth sought to include all and came for the very purpose to save all, how can we exclude anyone. As His disciples we must realize there is no authority given that allows us to predetermine with whom or when we will share His message, only expectations, for instructions read  His Great Commission     Matthew 28:16-20. So how to answer this weeks Bible study question, It’s simple, our desire for Christ to be known must outweigh our expectation to be excepted, even by the preacher. Try this, during the week invite a stranger to church,just seek the person to and Christ will present the opportunity and how bout the next time your church has a hotdog supper, men’s breakfast or any type of outreach function, use it as just that an outreach. So as we say in  Plain Talk  If Christ were to return today, be caught gathering, not scattering!

Update 8/19

Just a side note I thought needed to be shared; three replies were recieved this past week from people previously haven read the above Bible study, all 3 were giving praise to our Savior Christ Jesus for His guidance. It seems that all 3 (last weekend) had invited complete strangers to summer Church functions, guess what all 3 vistors attended said function on Saturday and then returned Sunday for a.m worship service. All I can & need to say is praise God.

Today, there will be someone you come in contact with seeking the light of Christ. These people wiil not have an identifying mark for us to see, however if we allow the loving voice of The Holy Spirit to guide there is no way to miss His “mark”. Thanks for all the views, comments and insights, around this and other Bible studies.but most of all let’s remember it’s to continue the spreading of His word and all glory to God. Let’s keep moving forward.



In Christ



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